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2023 Senior Celebration

PROJECT GRADUATION Date TBD at Hendrickson Highs School Football Stadium

Hendrickson High School’s Senior Celebration 2023 will be at the Hawk Football Stadium. This will be a fun event where kids will create many memories as you and your classmates gather together for the last time as the Hendrickson Hawks Class of 2023! Senior Celebration is a free, voluntary, fun, safe, drug and alcohol-free event to celebrate this important milestone in your life!

All graduating seniors are encouraged to participate; prizes will distributed during the event. All seniors will be included in one drawing of $100.

Some prizes that will be up for grabs will be laptops, TVs, a Switch, dorm essentials baskets, gift cards, travel basket, and many other items. Each student is eligible to win one prize, however, if you have won a prize and your name is drawn for a different prize and you wish to switch them out you can! We will also have “grab bags” that everyone will be eligible to win, even if you have won a prize already.

We will have a washer tournament, corn hole tournament, a minute to win it tournament, and more.  

Be on the lookout for details on a day during the last week of school, to come up to the cafeteria loop to place your tickets in the boxes for each prize you wish to win. This will save you time at  as you won’t have to spend time adding tickets during the event.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Just to be clear, forms submitted by May 20th to receive 10 bonus prize tickets!

Check in/Check out Valid photo ID is required :

  • Check in: All students should be checked in by ____ on May __, 2023 .
  • Check out: May __, 2023 at ___pm

For additional questions or concerns, please contact:

Janiece Beardslee

Senior Celebration President

[email protected]

Senior Celebration Rules and Guidelines:

To assure a safe and enjoyable experience for the graduates, please review this packet (including the Senior Celebration Rules and Guidelines).

  1. Graduating Seniors Only: Only graduating Hendrickson High School seniors are eligible for admission to the Senior Celebration event. NO guests are allowed.

  2. Must have registration forms: Students will NOT be admitted without completed registration forms. Signatures/phone numbers/medical info and the parent form (if under 18) MUST BE COMPLETED prior to being considered REGISTERED.

  3. Code of Conduct: If a student violates either the PfISD Student Code of Conduct or Commencement Contract, at any time before check-in on May 26th, they will not be allowed to attend the Senior Celebration event. All decisions of eligibility are determined by the 2023 Senior Class Principal (not the Senior Celebration Committee).

  4. Check-in: All students must check in at the registration table located in the entrance. Check-in begins at___ pm on May __, 20223 and doors will be locked at ___ pm. unless other arrangements have been communicated to [email protected] and approved by Senior Celebration Board members.

  5. Attire: Students should wear comfortable, school appropriate clothing with shoes that will be safe for physical activities, games and hanging out with friends. 

  6. Prohibited items: Please do not bring any electronic devices that you do not want broken or stolen. They may wish to bring a money in case they want to purchase sodas or food during the event. Remember we will be giving your $10 registration money back in cash upon check-in. Outside food and drinks will not be allowed.

  7. VALID PHOTO ID : ID is required at the time of check-in AND to pick up prizes.

  8. No shows: Parents of “No-Show” participants will be notified by telephone after 2:00pm. Please give us the best contact information! The Senior Celebration committee will not be held liable or responsible for “no-show” participants.

  9. ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: If a student must leave due to illness or other circumstances (being unruly, in possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco or drugs), the individual will only be released to an authorized parent, guardian, or adult (25 years of age or older) with proper ID as shown on the registration form. NO return passes will be offered.

Both Student and Parent (if student is under 18) must acknowledge, accept and complete the forms below:

Student - I acknowledge and accept

Parent (for all students under 18 years of age) - I acknowledge and accept